Friday, October 8, 2010

Europe Win Back The Ryder Cup!

Sorry for the late posting, as I am sure you are all aware, Europe won back the Ryder cup by a slim margin of 14.5 to 13.5 points. In the end it all came down to the last singles match of the day with Graeme McDowell and Hunter Mahan. At the start of the day, with the big lead that Europe had, almost no-one would have predicted this! So it ended on the 17th where McDowell just needed to halve the hole to win the point for the Europeans. Hunter Mahan graciously conceded the hole so that McDowell didn't need to putt out and the celebrations began. Well done Europe!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 4 - Singles Matches

So, day 3 ends in a whitewash by Europe with scores finishing at 9.5 to 6.5. Day 4 of the singles brings the following matches:

Westwood v Stricker
McIlroy v Cink
Donald v Furyk
Kaymer v D Johnson
Poulter v Kuchar
Fisher v Overton
Jimenez v Watson
F Molinari v Woods
E Molinari v Fowler
Hanson v Mickelson
Harrington v Z Johnson
McDowell v Mahan

Ryder Cup - Day 3

So with the bad weather hitting the course again, the Ryder Cup is postponed for another 5 hours or so until a 1.30pm start. Sunday should see the finish of the revised 3rd session of fourballs and foursomes but is unlikely to see the start of the singles which will probably start on Monday. This is the first time in Ryder Cup history that play has gone on til the Monday!

At the end of Day 2 the USA have a 2 point lead with the scores at USA 6, Europe 4 - but the advantage is with the Europeans going in to the 3rd day as they are up in all 6 matches that are in play, so it is certainly all to play for!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ryder Cup - Next Pairings Announced

So the pairings for the next session are as follows:

1. Harrington/Fisher v Furyk/D Johnson (Fourball)
2. Hanson/Jimenez v Watson/Overton (Fourball)
3. E & F Molinari v Cink/Kuchar (Fourball)
4. Poulter/Kaymer v Mickelson/Fowler (Fourball)
5. Donald/Westwood v Stricker/Woods (Foursomes)
6. McDowell/McIlroy v Z Johnson/Mahan (Foursomes)

Ryder Cup Session 2 - Pairings for the Foursomes

Pairings are as follows (but may actually not go out in this order):

Molinari Brothers v Z Johnson/Mahan

Westwood/Kaymer v Furyk/Fowler

Jimenez/Hanson v Woods/Stricker

Harrington/Fisher v Mickelson/D Johnson

Poulter/Donald v Watson/Overton

McDowell/McIlroy v Cink/Kuchar

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ryder Cup Sessions Amended

So because of the heavy rain and the lack of play today (Friday) the matches have been amended to try and fit them in better to finish possibly still on Sunday and the amended sessions are as follows:

Session 2: 6 Foursomes
Session 3: 2 Foursomes & 4 Fourballs
Session 4: 12 Singles

Ryder Cup Foursomes - How The Format Works

So the afternoon format for the Ryder Cup is Foursomes. In this format 2 players make up each team from Europe and USA and each team only plays 1 ball between them. The first player hits the golf ball and then his partner takes the next shot and so on until the ball is holed. Whichever team gets the lowest score on each hole wins the point (or the hole is halved is they both score the same).