Sunday, November 28, 2010

Martin Kaymer Wins the Race To Dubai

So today was the last day of the Dubai World Championship and the culmination of the Race to Dubai. I was volunteering as a marshall for this tournament, as I did last year, which is a great way to feel part of the action. Going in to the tournament there were only 2 players who could win the race to Dubai - Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell. The odds were weighted in Kaymer's favour as he went in as leader and it was up to McDowell to take the title from him. Unfortunately McDowell was not completely on his game and so Kaymer clinched it with a solid performance.

The DWC tournament title itself was a close battle with Ian Poulter and Robert Karlsson taking it to a play-off which was re-runs of the long 18th hole. The first run saw them both sink brilliant birdies but Poulter came unstuck at the 2nd go when he ended up in the bark from his tee shot. They both hit the green on their 3rd shot but Kaymer was about 4 feet away with Poulter having a much longer putt. Unfortunately Poulter was penalised on the green for replacing his ball on his marker after he lifted it. However, Karlsson sank his putt which meant that even without the penalty he would have won as Poulter missed his.

For me it was a great 5 days (including the Pro-Am) where you get a chance to get up close to the top players, lots of walking in the beautiful sunshine and and a chance to be part of a major event. Although it was exhausting I will hopefully be back next year doing it again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Day of the Dubai World Championship Tomorrow!

So tomorrow brings the start of the Dubai World Championship and the start of the end of the Race to Dubai! I am reporting for marshalling duties quite late in the day (11am) so should be going out with one of the later groups that includes the guys at the top of the list - perhaps Ian Poulter and Ernie Els or maybe Schwarzel and Jimenez or possibly one of the Molinari brothers - in any case I don't mind as they are all great and it is set to be a fabulous tournament! Just remember, no cameras and turn your phones off or I will be battering you over the head with an exceedingly large Quiet Please sign that they have given us this year!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dubai World Championship Pro-Am

So today I was a marshall at the pro-am. Now from my point of view this is the best job in the world. You get to walk round the course with a top player who is relaxed and chatty and you can get photos and autographs and even some hints and tips. I don't know why more people don't go to watch the pro-am!

Me and Graeme McDowell
Today I was with Graeme McDowell. You can choose who you marshall with on a first come first served basis so I got there early to pick someone I really wanted to see. He was great and a really friendly guy as most of them seem to be on these days where they are playing primarily for their sponsors. Graeme is all keyed up to winning the Race to Dubai which is between him and Martin Kaymer.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gearing Up For The Race To Dubai

So the players are finishing up the last tournaments before the Dubai World Championship next week which is the last event in the Race to Dubai. Some of the players, including Graeme McDowell, are in Hong Kong although Martin Kaymer, who is currently in the lead, is giving that tournament a miss.

I will be marshalling at the Dubai World Championships again this year. Am particularly looking forward to the pro-am where the players are relaxed and chatty and the crowds are not huge so come on down if you get the chance.