Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiger Spitting Is Not His Biggest Problem

So with all the publicity about Tiger Woods spitting on the 12th green at the Dubai Desert Classic last Sunday still reverberating around, I feel there is something more important that he needs to address if he wants to get his reputation back.

Anyone who went to watch the Pro-Am at the Dubai Desert Classic will have seen Tiger playing his rounds with 3 guys, one of whom was a Colonel in the US army who was flown in to play with Tiger, having won a competition to play in the Pro-Am. However, what they also would have noted was the Tiger didn't really interact much with these guys, the other 2 of which had probably paid huge bucks to play with him. Instead the only person (of the many I should say) that were on the fairways/greens/tees with him that he interacted with was a blonde young lady who was caddying for one of the amateur players.

Surely Tiger needs to sort out this kind of behaviour if he is going to get any of his reputation back...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quiros Wins, Westwood Up A Tree!

So on the final day of the Dubai Desert Classic Alvaro Quiros wins on 11 under par. However, it could have been anyone's tournament as the scores were pretty close and bar a couple of players, scoring low was hard due to another day of high winds. I was marshalling with Lee Westwood and Peter Hansen and up to the end of the 16th Westwood was still in contention. However his tee shot off the 17th went into a palm tree and failed to come down. He therefore had to go back to the tee and take another tee shot which ended up in a double bogey. After that it went downhill when both he and Hansen went into the water at 18th where they had to really go for it or know they would not stand a chance of winning. Congrats to Quiros on his win and next time I will wear more sunscreen :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Day of the Dubai Desert Classic

So today the Dubai Desert Classic kicked off with the top three golfers in the world all vying for a win. Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods and Martin Kaymer played as a threesome today but in the end none of those 3 was top of the leaderboard at the end of play. Instead the winner from a few years ago, Rory McIlroy, ended the day on 7 under which gave him a 2 shot lead. However shot of the day was from David Howell who got a hole in one at the 7th and won 2 first class Emirates flights for his trouble. As it happened I had been marshalling with David Howell yesterday (see pic) and he is such a nice guy so I am really pleased for him. The usual circus surrounding Tiger Woods went on with large crowds following that group around and although he had a better back 9, he didn't seriously trouble the leaderboard on day 1, ending on 1 under par.