Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Golf Skills Subliminal MP3

Golf Skills Trainer
Subliminal MP3s are things that I use myself to improve many aspects of my life - they are basically affirmations that are recorded and played back subliminally so that your subconscious mind takes in all the information. You can get general information about Subliminal MP3s here as well as downloading 3 free subliminals. There is a specific Golf Skills Trainer subliminal that should help improve your game with regular listening. This MP3 will:

  • help you to improve your specific golf skills such as your swing, body positioning, and technique. You will become more aware of minute details and tiny errors and aim to correct them one by one. You will take a real methodological and pragmatic approach to your golf, which leads to the next point:
  • It will make sure you take your training and practice seriously. You will practice harder and longer than ever before. You will be dedicated, you won't cut corners, and you will always put those extra few shots in. This will help you to improve at a faster rate.

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