Monday, May 30, 2011

Luke Donald - World Golf Number 1

So Luke Donald can celebrate his victory over Lee Westwood in the PGA Championship at Wentworth which not only gave him the tournament victory but also the golf world number 1 spot. All Donald needed to do to get the number 1 spot was to finish higher than Westwood. Well it was a close run thing with the tournament going to a play off at the final hole which Donald took on the first go as Westwood hit his ball into the newly configured water hazard. Both players had played some great golf shots (also some not so good one) in a bit of a controversial tournament in terms of the course - which ended in a winning score of 6 under for each of them after 72 holes - not a great score compared to other tournaments so the course really must have been tough.

Whether this is good for golf is debatable as spectators often want to see birdies, eagles etc going in and they didn't see so much of that on this course.

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