Wednesday, June 29, 2011

US Open Golf Prize Money

So I was just checking out the prize money for the US Open 2011. No wonder those guys agonise over the top spots! For Rory McIlroy who walked away with the tournament, he also took with him a cheque for $1,440,000 for his trouble, not bad! However, drop back to second place and you have lost the price of a rather nice house by only winning $865,000 (still not to be sniffed at!). Then for the 4 players tied for 3rd place, they might have kicked themselves for losing the chance of a couple of spare Ferraris with a prize each of $364,241.

But the one I feel most sorry for, although I shouldn't as he himself doesn't seem to be bothered by it, is Patrick Cantlay, the leading amateur, who tied for 21st place. For this he would have got $97,242 except that he gets nothing, due to his amateur status.

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