Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Tiger Woods Controversy

So there was more controversy surrounding Tiger Woods recently - or more to the point his ex-caddy Steve Williams. On receiving an award for best caddy celebration at the annual golf caddy awards for his post match celebration at the Bridgstone Invitational where Adam Scott had his first big win, Williams was alleged to have said about Woods "I wanted to shove it up that black a***hole"

Tiger Woods says that Williams is not racist and to be honest, to describe a part of his body as black - when it is - to me does not make him a racist. If Tiger Woods said about Williams "I wanted to shove it up his white..." then would that be described as racist? I somehow doubt it. Tiger Woods is black and I say that as a fact, if people reading something describing a part of someone's body as the colour that it is then isn't that their problem to believe the word 'black' to be racist? OK yes it was an insult but if Tiger Woods stands up for Williams and says he is not racist then maybe we should assume he didn't mean it in that context.

Sometimes it just seems that we are taking things a bit too far and need to take a look at things a bit more closely before calling the racist card. I am not denying that there is racism out there but to aggravate a situation by tarring it with that brush only serves to stir up controversy like the media want.

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